How To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Business

Have you heard about the latest news in technological online payments, called cryptocurrency? It started off as fairly niche, and even now many people probably have no idea what is, but it’s expected to make a large boom in the near future. This is why businesses have been trying to figure out how to accept cryptocurrency in their business. Continue reading “How To Accept Cryptocurrency As A Business”

Who Are The Bitcoin Billionaires

Do you know about the recent rise of bitcoin? There is a market for people who use these predominantly and want to use it for as much as they can. As of now, the market is still pretty niche, but it’s setting itself up for leaps and bounds of improvement in the future, and that future is approaching at a lot quicker rate than you might think!. Continue reading “Who Are The Bitcoin Billionaires”

The Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

Interested in buying items online or maybe setting up your own personal business? These days, brick-and-mortar stores are not the only things people are using to shop. In fact, a lot of people even prefer the alternative – that is, online shopping. It’s been said that approximately 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, and that approximately 80% of them had purchased something online in just the recent month! Continue reading “The Most Popular Online Payment Solutions”