The Most Popular Online Payment Solutions

Interested in buying items online or maybe setting up your own personal business? These days, brick-and-mortar stores are not the only things people are using to shop. In fact, a lot of people even prefer the alternative – that is, online shopping. It’s been said that approximately 51% of Americans prefer to shop online, and that approximately 80% of them had purchased something online in just the recent month!

In order to make paying for these things as easy and as convenient, as online shopping is marketed to be, people make use of online payment solutions. Online payment solutions, in short, are basically virtual banking. Using these, you’ll be able to store your money online, until you are in need of it.

Now, there are risks that you may run across when using these online payment solutions, so be careful.

Here are some of the most popular Online Payment Solutions


1. PayPal: PayPal has grown throughout recent years and has now become the biggest and one of the most trustworthy online payment solutions available. In 2016 alone, the number of transactions that were made through PayPal exceeds 6.1 billion! To put that it into perspective, the amount of money that passed through their website and app is around $354 billion! Now, there’s a reason why this is – PayPal is credited as THE fastest and safest way to make payments online, as far as choices go – this is your safest bet.

2. Skrill: Skrill, is considered as a fairly good alternative to PayPal. With Skrill, you have access to instant withdrawals and deposits, fairly low transaction fees, and a wide variety of currencies to choose from! There are many more features of course; an example would be the ability of to receive instant message updates sent to your phone.

3. Checkout: This is a very good, global alternative to PayPal. It’s available for use in a shocking total of 87 different languages! It’s integrated with numerous online shopping websites, and promises advanced protection against fraud.

4. Stripe: Now, this is something that is popular for a specific group of people, namely, developers. It is also known as having a very versatile API, which allows you to make payment plans that are based on your needs.

5. Apple Pay: Now, Apple Pay takes security to a whole other level. Gone is the use of difficult to remember passwords and in, is the ability to unlock your account with your very own fingerprints! Talk about protection! Apple Pay is still very young in terms of its capabilities, but the more it develops the more amazing it will be!

Even though most people go with the obvious choice, PayPal doesn’t mean there aren’t any more possibilities out there. Check them out yourself and maybe try a few; you never know what you might be missing out on with these online payment solution alternatives. It’s very easy to feel vulnerable when it comes to the internet, but with these trustworthy online payment solutions, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier.


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