Who Are The Bitcoin Billionaires

Do you know about the recent rise of bitcoin? There is a market for people who use these predominantly and want to use it for as much as they can. As of now, the market is still pretty niche, but it’s setting itself up for leaps and bounds of improvement in the future, and that future is approaching at a lot quicker rate than you might think!.

There have already been people who have been making a name for themselves by investing in the making or handling of bitcoin, and it’s not too late to join the new thriving market, which already has so much opportunity for new growth.

Bitcoin Billionaires

Tin Draper: For someone who had previously been a billionaire – before acquiring bitcoin for himself, he ran with the risk and bought seized bitcoin from a drug lord named Ross Ulbricht. He had purchased the bitcoins up for bit, approximated at 30,000, and now those are approximated at around $70 million!

1.  Winklevoss Twins: Supposedly, they had purchased bitcoins back when it was still pretty new in the market, having spent around $11 million, of course there is no way of knowing how much of that they still have, but they are said to have a fairly large hold of it, even claiming that they owed 1% of bitcoins back in 2013.

2.  Charlie Shrem: He started to buy bitcoins back in 2012, when they costed around $3 per coin. Of course as the market for it grew, and the price began to skyrocket- he began to buy more and more. Since then, he’s been making quite the name for himself in the world of cryptocurrency- amounting at around $14 million worth of transaction in bitcoins.

3.  Barry Silbert: Another early bird that believed in the potential of success for bitcoins. He started pretty small but didn’t hesitate to buy more and more as he went. At one point he had even purchased approximately 48,000 bitcoins in an auction, and those are now priced around $100 million! Who knows how many more he has?

4.  Satoshi Nakamoto: The supposed creator of bitcoin himself! No one knows who he is, or if Satoshi is even his real name. Not much information is known about him either, but he is of course suspected to have a fairly large investment in his own business – approximated at around  5% of all bitcoins in the market, making him not just a millionaire, but a billionaire!

There’s a lot going in the background here, and the ones I’ve mentioned are not ‘technically’ billionaires, but seeing as we cannot confirm how many bitcoins these people actually have – there really is no way of confirming. We can only speculate that these people making lots of waves in the internet’s newest growing venture, are making lots and lots of money… and it’s bound to get bigger and bigger. There’s no doubt in my mind, that if these people played their cards right – they could very well be actual billionaire; If they aren’t already.


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